Roam Australian Wagyu


The taste of freedom

Underpinned by MSA grading, ROAM Australian Wagyu delivers quality, rich flavour and marbled tenderness. The extensive grass-grazing and maturity of ROAM cattle delivers a distinctive depth of flavour, with the renowned tenderness Australian Wagyu beef is famous for.

Experience it for yourself.

Ultimate flavour, exceptional tenderness.

OP Rib

An attention grabbing cut that’s as impressive to eat as it is to look at, our ROAM OP Rib wins the hearts and minds of diners. Tender, flavoursome and marbled for an extraordinary dining experience not easily forgotten. 

Striploin - Roam Australian Wagyu


ROAM Striploin delivers marbling, flavour and tenderness in a classic cut. Also known as Sirloin, Porterhouse or New York Strip, it’s a well known cut that graces the plates of restaurants around the world. Coming from the lower rib area, this premium cut is an outstanding steak.

Cube Roll

Also known as Scotch Fillet or Rib Eye, this cut is renowned for its ultimate marbling characteristics. One of the world’s favourite cuts, it’s deeply flavoursome, tender and juicy.

Tenderloin - Roam Australian Wagyu


As it’s name suggests, tenderloin is the most tender cut of all. Also boasting a subtle flavour profile and delicate marbling, it’s a highly desirable steak that never disappoints.

Oyster Blade

Perhaps not one of the most well known cuts, but one that is certainly marbled, flavoursome and succulent. It’s easily identified with it’s line running through the centre of the cut.

Shell Loin - Roam Australian Wagyu

Shell Loin

A Shell Loin steak comes from the short loin. A straight section of “shell” bone remains, hence its name. It’s a tender and flavourful cut that’s mouthwatering grilled or seared.

Short Rib

Our ROAM Short Rib is ideal for low’n’slow cooking, braising or sous vide. Reaching heights of popularity, this cut is highly marbled, packed full of flavour and pulls apart when cooked.

D-Rump - Roam Australian Wagyu


An absolute all rounder, the D-Rump is a large piece of beef made up of the Rump Cap and Rost Biff. An incredibly versatile and flavoursome crowd pleaser.

Burger Patty

When a juicy and flavour packed grass-fed beef burger is required, ROAM is the answer. Your burgers will never be better.

True Aussie Beef logo

Wherever you see the True Aussie Beef brand, you can be assured the cattle have been raised in Australia’s unique climate, and processed in accordance with strict quality and integrity systems. It’s a quality mark for your peace of mind.