Roam Australian Wagyu

Our Story

It’s in our blood

ROAM Australian Wagyu was born from the passion of pioneering Wagyu producers, and the vision to create quality, free-roaming Australian Wagyu.

Our producers are dedicated to breed, raise & nurture ROAM cattle in natural outdoor environments and take great pride in delivering quality Australian free-roaming Wagyu from their stations, to your plate.

ROAM Australian Wagyu is more than just exceptional quality beef. It’s beef that’s created from Full Blood Wagyu genetic pedigrees. It’s cattle that have been raised by graziers with generations of inherited knowledge, seamlessly blending skill, tradition and innate knowing. It’s in our nature. And it’s something we’re incredibly proud of.

Our Wagyu

  • Free roaming & extensively grass fed
  • Underpinned by MSA grading
  • Free from additional hormones & antibiotics
  • Naturally slower maturity & distinctive depth of flavour

Slowly but surely

ROAM Wagyu cattle are grass-fed and raised in the lush, fertile ranges of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. Here they are free to roam and explore the open pastures of tropical and sub-tropical grasses, enjoying a balanced diet of legumes and native pastures to ensure consistency in eating quality.

Grazing in this natural habitat allows the cattle to grow and mature slowly, enjoying a relaxed environment and a naturally longer lifespan.

This unique combination of extensive grass-feeding and cattle maturity is what gives ROAM Australian Wagyu its signature, distinctive deep flavour profile, along with the exceptional tenderness Wagyu is renowned for. The perfect balance.

Seeking livestock

We are currently sourcing grass-fed Wagyu cows. We are continually growing our ROAM Australian Wagyu brand and program, and are keen to work with likeminded cattle producers from QLD and NSW.

Our ROAM brand takes Australia’s finest Wagyu breeders to the international market in the niche grass-fed category. We are proud of our brand, and we return that value to our producer partners.

We value open and honest communication and working together for continued future opportunities.

If you’d like your cattle to be part of the ROAM program, please contact us below or call (07) 3041 2800.

We’re here for today, and tomorrow.

Our animals & the planet

As custodians of the land, Roam Australian Wagyu producers maintain a strong commitment to the highest standards of health and happiness of our livestock, along with a commitment to leaving our land in a better condition for future generations.

We’re on our way to a future where we enrich lives with quality beef, in the most responsible ways. By having the deepest respect for our animals and the planet, we aim to exceed expectations. This is the kind of future we’re imagining at ROAM.