Roam Australian Wagyu

Long grazing, free-roaming Australian Wagyu

Freedom drives us

We’ve followed our passion and vision to create quality, free-roaming, Australian Wagyu. That passion has allowed us to create our own rules. To nurture a strong focus on doing things differently. To make a commitment to a more sustainable earth for future generations. To create without boundaries. That’s how freedom drives us, and that’s how ROAM Australian Wagyu was born.

Unlike traditional grain-fed Wagyu, ROAM Australian Wagyu cattle are extensively grass-fed, and just as the name suggests, free to roam. Bred, raised and nurtured in natural outdoor environments, our Wagyu enjoy a naturally longer lifespan and the opportunity to mature slowly.

Distinctively grass-fed Wagyu, with a distinctive depth of flavour.

A unique combination

Our ROAM Australian Wagyu philosophy compels us to create Wagyu that embodies not only a more natural approach, but a commitment to an outstanding eating experience.  

ROAM’s Full Blood Wagyu genetic pedigrees were first brought to Australia decades ago. Over that time, they’ve been continually adapted and improved. It’s these outstanding genetics, passed down through generations, that have created ROAM’s superior rich characteristics, marbled tenderness and mouth-watering depth of flavour.

We are so humbled to be able to produce such exceptional grass-fed Wagyu, now experienced by diners all over the world.


MSA graded for quality

ROAM Australian Wagyu is graded by Meat Standards Australia (MSA), the world-leading eating quality grading system. We follow MSA’s strict protocol to ensure we deliver the best possible quality grass-fed Wagyu to your plate.

We focus on best practice animal welfare, handling, and transport. Our trained MSA graders also measure a whole range of complex factors including marbling, so we can guarantee an exceptional eating experience, time and time again.